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Delivering ultimate performance through their powerful motors, all Bamix immersion blenders has the ability to produce a variety of dishes is increased with its various blades and 2 different speed settings; the low speed setting is set to create light and aerated dishes and also for producing small batches of food. The high speed setting is reserved for more solid ingredients and blending in much larger quantities. All blender parts are rust resistant and will not leave unpleasant tastes or odours in the food which is imperative in the modern kitchen.

The selection will depend on the usage and frequency of used.

Mono: Ideal for occasional use
DeLuxe: Ideal for regular use
Swissline: Ideal for regular use; the only different between the DeLuxe and the Swissline is the integrated stand.
Super Package: Ideal for regular use; all kind of attachments are included; the main extra device is the Slicy
Professional / Gastro 200: Ideal for deep pots
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