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Legnoart: The Art of fine wood work

Based in the Northwest of Italy, Legnoart have been processing timber for over 70 years. The combination of impecable design with their expertise mastering the wood treatment have established them as one of most prominent Italian companies in the field of design objects for the home, the kitchen and the wine cellar.

Legnoart products are unmistakably contemporary. Recognized by well balanced design and minimalism and profound uniqueness. Italian designers such as Enrico Albertinim, Luca Trazzi, Carlo Contin have worked with Legnoart but also German designers Christoph Wiehle, Dennis Becker, Danish Jakob Heiberg, Portuguese Angela Ladeiro among others have been part of the Legnoart design team.

The process of handling wood at Legnoart takes place in temperature controlled environment to preserve wood from thermal shock. Coating is manual and does not resort to chemical process. This is also a reason why Legnoart products are not a stack if uniform products but an array of unique and original pieces. The process and finish product of the thermo wood used is 100% ecological, durable and is resistant to climatic changes and parasite attack.

Wood curving is also another Legnoart expertise. How those designs ideas are so well executed is one Legnoart achievement. Creativity meets technical expertise and this altogether has brought innovative and truly distinctive products.

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