Ankarsrum Grater & Nut Grinder Attachment


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Assistent help you with your most ambitious cooking projects by offering maximum blending effect with seamless speed control and timer. With an extremely broad range of accessories you can mix, whip, grind meat, make pasta, squeeze oranges, etc.

The Assistent is manufactured in the mill town of Ankarsrum, in Småland, southern Sweden, the manufacturers of Vita-Mix blender motors. The motor and most of the machine have been developed, manufactured and assembled in its own factory. They have their own foundry and produce all aluminum components by themselves. Plastic components, painting, marketing material and packaging from companies within the municipality. This creates flexibility, delivery reliability and a solid guarantee of quality.


  • Nut grater allows you to make a coarse powder of you favorite shelled nuts
    Can also be used to grate potatoes, carrots, Parmesan Cheese This attachment does NOT make nut butter
  • Fit all Electrolux / Verona/ Ankarsrum Assistent models
  • Made in Sweden
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Important note: This attachment works with the meat grinder attachment model AKM1205 which is sold separately