Cristel Knives By Marttiini Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife, 8.5-Inches


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Made in Finnish Lapland for several generations, CRISTEL knives by Marttiini feature unique know-how and modern technology. With steel forged in Solingen, Germany, these knives offer the best balance for precision cutting & exceptional knife edge.


  • Compared to a multi-purpose knife, the Chef's knife allows you to thinly slice, carve, chop or cut your meat easily thanks to its thin yet robust blade. 
  • Made from 1.4116 grade stainless steel forged in Solingen, Germany
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Perfectly balanced knives
  • Unrivalled cutting precision
  • Precise and quality finish for a long lifespan
  • Handle made from polyacetal. Durable, rigid and easy to maintain
  • Supplied with a protective holder
  • Not suitable for use in a dishwasher