Dualit NX Coffee 60 pack (6 boxes of 10 capsules)


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Nothing tastes better than fresh roasted coffee. Dualit NX and Nespresso® compatible, the NX Capsule holds only the finest blends. Every NX capsule is an individually wrapped and sealed masterpiece of flavour, character and just-roasted taste. Choose your favorite, unlock the aroma, and enjoy. With the NX Origins series you can take a trip around the world with the exceptional collection of Grand Crus coffees - the high quality beans that are carefully selected from the finest coffee producing regions in the world. Each single origin coffee displays distinctive regional characteristics, each is at max strength and flavor. Each flavor of our Dualit NX capsules is sold in a 10 pack or a 60 pack of capsules.


  • Dualit NX Intenso capsules – Rich and Intense. Strength: 10
    The finest Central and South American Arabica, paired with exotic African Robusta and Arabica - for a rich, indulgent flavor.
  • Dualit NX Classic capsules – Rich, Smooth and Sweet. Strength: 9
    A selection of the very best Central and South American Arabica - for a fine yet warm character.
  • Dualit NX Lungo Americano – Long and Rich. Strength: 7
    Central and South American Arabica, enhanced with a splash of African Robusta for a well-developed and rounded character.
  • Dualit NX Decaf capsules – Espresso with hints of Toast. Strength: 3
    Central and South American Arabica and Robusta, decaffeinated through mountain spring water - for a delicate yet sophisticated taste.
  • Dualit NX Origins Indian Monsoon - Notes of treacle & dark cocoa.
    A complex, intense coffee with a creamy smooth body made up of three very different and distinctive Indian coffees to create a bold unique blend. Sourced from small farms in Southern India where coffee is shade grown with other crops, encouraging biodiversity. Monsooned Malabar beans are exposed to rain-drenched winds, causing the beans to take on a unique flavour with low acidity. 
  • Dualit NX Origins Sumatra Mandheling - A classic Indonesian. Rich & full bodied with bold tropical fruits. Sourced from a cooperative of small holders across diverse communities in the Gayo Highlands, Sumatra.