Michel Bras T Peeler Set


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Michel Bras kitchen accessories such as scissors, peelers, graters and mandolins, are made to realize cooks dreams. Despite combination of extreme precision, excellent functionality and comfortable grip all the tools are very light weight. All ingredients are cut and peels with elegance. All the pieces from this series offer unique first class feel and gorgeous design

With four varieties of spare blades, the T-shaped peeler expands your options. This peeler raises the bar of cooking by allowing for different textures and possibilities from the same ingredient. 

  • Includes 4 interchangeable blades: a thick blade, a fine blade and two types of julienne blades, one for coarser peels and another for finer peels.
  • Dimensions: Blade: 4-in long, Handle length: 4.3-in
  • Awarded the "Reddot design award", the "German Design Award" and the "Design Plus Award"
  • Made in Japan