Marcato Square Ravioli Mold 24 Cavities, 2-in


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Marcato Ravioli Mold easily creates authentic stuffed pasta. It forms, seals, and cuts 2-dozen 2-inch square raviolis at a time. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta and uniformly sized ravioli cooks evenly for better-tasting results. Simply roll and cut a sheet of dough and drape over the Ravioli Mould base. Form wells into the dough and spoon in the ravioli filling. Drape another sheet of dough on top and roll the wooden rolling pin across the top to cut the pasta and seal in the stuffing.


  • Marcato Ravioli Mould easily forms, seals, and cuts authentic 2-inch square homemade ravioli with fluted edges, 24 at a time
  • Made from die cast aluminum with Pear wooden rolling pin; compact for easy storage
  • Quickly make 2-inch square raviolis with classic fluted edges; uniform-sized pasta cooks evenly for better-tasting results
  • Roll out pasta dough and drape over the base, form wells and spoon in ravioli filling, drape a second sheet of dough, seal and cut with rolling pin
  • Dimensions: 1 0 7/8 Long x 4-in Width
  • Mold easily cleans hand wash in warm, soapy water
  • Made in Italy