Araven Colorclip Pump Non-Drip Sauce Dispenser 2.7 qt, Set of 2 units


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Dispenser with shut-off valve for sauces, dressings and light syrups.. Easy to fill so that condiments or dressings can be transferred in the required amount for dispensing.The valve remains closed circuit pump for better preservation of the product in the same container, even on camera. Reduces waste levels by pumping out only the amount required. Dispenser in a vertical direction, user friendly, avoids accidental spills.

Double airtight seal for total protection of the food. The lid is made of LDPE, a more flexible material, which allows a better fit to the base

Made of polypropylene which features the right balance between strength, weight, stiffness and temperature behavior. This is not only the preferred choice among professional caterers for food preservation but also the one that is replacing most Polycarbonate food containers since this is a truly PBA free material
Translucent material allows product identification

Permanent integrated label enables catering professionals to identify the contents and record information relating to its origin, thus contributing to compliance with traceability regulations. A non-toxic marker is sold separately (item ARV00303)

Colour code to prevent cross contamination. The containers come with a set of color tabs that are easily adjusted to the right corner of the lid. The identification in the corner helps prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that the contents of this container is always used for the same type of product: poultry, red meat, vegetables / fruits or fish  

Stackable with or without lid
Rounded edges prevents debris build up
Temperature resistant range: -40º F to 203º F (-40º to 95º C)
HACCP/APPCC complaint
NSF certified
Gastronorm GN 1/6 176 x 162 mm
Capacity: 2.7 qt (2.6 L)
Dimensions: 7 x 6-3/8 x 6-in tall (176 x 162 x 190 mm)
Dishwasher safe
Gastronorm size
Made in Spain