Bosch Slicer-Shredder Multi Mixer Attachment For Universal Mixers


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Save precious time while preparing full recipes by using the Bosch Universal Mixer attachment Slicer/Shredder. The parts are clear which make it easy to monitor what is being mixed inside the bowl and it is easy to insert ingredients while the machine is in motion. This food processor attachment has three blades and holds up to 12 cups of sliced, diced, and shredded ingredients for versatile recipes. The Julienne blade is for cutting French fries or dicing fruits and vegetables. The reversible shredding blade is for grating coarse and fine cheeses, apples, and nuts.  The reversible slicing blade is for slicing thick or thin vegetables like cucumbers and carrots.  Invest in this Slicer/Shredder for your Bosch Universal Mixer to prepare and present all of your signature dishes.

  • Capacity: 12 Cup 
  • Great for slicing Potatoes, vegetables, carrots for cake
  • Attaches to Bosch Universal & Universal Plus Mixers
  • Includes Food Pusher & 3 Disks: Shredding & Grating (reversible coarse/fine), Slicing (reversible thick/thin) & French Fry
  • Additional Blades available to purchase