Mauviel M'passion Copper Egg Whites Beating Bowl, 2.6-qt.


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The manufacture Mauviel 1830 manufactures utensils for professionals in cake making, since its creation in 1830.

Made of copper or stainless steel, in aluminium or black tin, these accessories of very high standard guaranty the perfect creation of home- made dishes as well as the most precise cake making. The top chefs in cake making call it their beloved collection. 

The utensils in the range M’PASSION, beyond their efficiency, are aesthetic and incarnate all the passion and culinary know-how of Mauviel 1830, with a wide range of products.


  • Mauviel Unlined Copper line provides a very rapid and uniform heat conduction. No other metal brings sugar or chocolate to their correct working temperatures.
  • Egg whites beaten in copper have more volume, become stiffer and stay firm for longer than egg whites beaten in stainless steel bowls. This is the main reason why copper bowls are being used by pastry chefs. Copper reacts with egg white enabling them to whip to higher peaks and hold texture for longer than other metal, melamine, stoneware or any other material.
  • Unlined copper is to be used for cooking with sugar, chocolate or eggs.
  • Bowl for egg whites with brass ring
  • Made of unlined copper, the number one choice for pastry chef's and connoisseurs for beating egg whites. Beats up to 30% more volume than other mixing bowls made of other materials
  • Dimensions: 7.9-in diameter x 4.3-in tall
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in France