Cristel Casteline Walnut Wood Side Handle


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Cristel is a French company located on Fesches-le-Chatel, France. Its main activity is the manufacturing and creation of premium cookware and kitchen utensils made in stainless steel. Cristel is today the international leader of the “Cook and Serve” removable concept. Thanks to the detachable handle system, Cristel’s removable collections aim to transform a well planned cooking utensil into an elegant serving dish that keeps heat during meals. Each product is imagined, designed and made in France with the finest quality and materials.


  • Attaches to any Cristel removable handle collection
  • Made in stainless steel and wood, the detachable Casteline handles ensure safety and modularity in your kitchen. By switching the long handle with side handles, each vessel becomes an elegant serving dish
  • Casteline removable side handles can be used with one hand and automatically lock into place.
  • They are pleasant to use and offer enhanced safety when young children are in the kitchen.
  • Guaranteed for ten years against all manufacturing defects
  • Made in France