de Buyer Nonstick Nylon Spatula


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Designed to be the penultimate selection in user-friendly utensils, the de Buyer nylon spatula is a necessity in any kitchen. Crafted with de Buyer cookware compatibility in mind, its gentle nylon construction allows it to be used on non-stick coatings without scratching or damaging.

The rounded edges assist in this by gently working contents around and contouring the curves and edges of each pan. The nylon material is highly heat resistant and excellent for use on all cooktops, and the handle retains the ability to stay cool, ensuring user safety. The end of the handle possesses a small hanging hole for a more stylish, space-effective method of storage.


  • Heat resistant.
  • The handle stays cold for safe use, without risk of burns.
  • Handle with hanging hole: can be hung to a hook on a hanging bar: quicker draining after hand-washing; easy storage.
  • Dishwasher-safe.