Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier Champagne Saber, Olive Handle


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The Working of Precious Woods From brut log to handle sized pieces. Easy to work, wood was quickly adopted as a material for the “Laguiole”. While the cutlers of yesteryear were limited to local species, however, today’s creativity and designs call for exotic and precious woods such as those used for marquetry. 

All Laguiole knives sold in this website are sourced directly from Laguiole en Aubrac and are the genuine kind made all by hand by a Laguiolee craftsman. Each piece or set will come with origin certificate and paperwork that guarantee pieces against manufacturing defects.


  • The main quality criteria of local craftsmanship.
  • Individually hardened by hand.
  • Shaping and fitting are done by hand and to the craftsman’s eye.
  • Each knife is assembled from start to finish in one sequence and by a single craftsman.
  • Hand decoration of the blade