Le Jacquard Francais Ambiance Cocktail Tea Towel, 24 x 31-in, Liqueur


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Founded in 1888 in Gérardmer in the Vosges district, Le Jacquard Francais has been creating table and kitchen linens using the Jacquard technique invented by Joseph M. Jacquard. The jacquard weave is created through a loom process, which is programmed to raise each warp thread independently of the other threads. The design of the jacquard fabric is incorporated into the weave, instead of being printed or dyed onto the fabric. 

"Damask“ is the name given to fabric with patterns that are visible on both sides. It owes its name to the city of Damascus in Syria, a stage on the famous Silk Route.

Up until the 1960s, household linen was predominantly white. It's only in the 1970s that new designers came into the limelight with their different approach to interior decoration, giving a central place to color. Primrose Bordier, one of the most famous designers of that period, wanted to overturn the status quo and bring colorful style into the home. Her collaboration with Le Jacquard Français started in 1978. It was the beginning of a long, shared success story.

Le Jacquard Français know how incontestably positioned itself as an avant-garde player by revolutionizing its collections. Its weaves allowed colors to burst into the dining room and kitchen. Both the cotton and linen yarns used by Le Jacquard Français are produced with the longest fibers. The extreme finesse and precision of the motifs, and the unique harmonies and color combinations, exclusively designed for each creation sets Le Jacquard Francais apart from other Jacquard linens.

Le Jacquard design motives are evocative, with a hint of exoticism in shimmering colors. Designs that help create the soul and spirit of your home.


  • Made of fine, top-quality combed yarns that give incomparable radiance and precision cut-out design 
  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 24 x 31-in (60 x 80 cm)
  • Made in France