Marcato Ravioli Classic Round Stamp, 3-in


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Marcato stamps can be used not only to get delicious ravioli, but also to make cookies, appetizers and every sweet or salty dumpling. 

Marcato classic stamps are available in twelve different shapes:

  • Heart 50mm - 80mm
  • Flower 70mm
  • Oval 100mm
  • Square 48mm - 58mm
  • Star 65mm
  • Round 30mm - 48mm - 58mm - 80mm
  • Triangle 54mm


  • The body of the stamps is made of die cast aluminum, a solid food-grade material which guarantee a clean cut of the pasta sheet
  • The handles of the stamps are made of solid wood which makes them durable and aesthetically unique and match any kitchen
  • Precision cut.   You just need to press the cutters gently. The pasta sheet is then perfectly sealed
  • The cutters are made of materials suitable for contact with food and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and a brush
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Dimension: 2-in
  • Made in Italy
  • 2-year Manufacturer's warranty