Michel Bras Mandoline Slicer


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The Michel Bras BK-0206 Mandolin combines functionality and high quality.

  • There are five different blade attachments that produce a variety of cuts from simple slices to various julienne strips, as well as lively waffle cuts. 
  • The mandoline also improves productivity in the kitchen amazingly by cutting foodstuff efficiently and fast.
  • Slices are set to the desired thickness by simply turning a knob on top of the main unit to raise or lower the platform in a smooth motion. 
  • Thickness can be easily adjusted up to a maximum of 0.39-in to achieve thick, yet delicate slices or on the contrary, to cut slices so thin that it is almost possible to see through them.
  • Five sharp-edged blade attachments produce various cuts. Enjoy making simple slices with a slicing blade or lively waffle cuts with a crinkling blade. 
  • Combine one of the julienne blades with a slicing blade to produce julienne strips in three different widths (0.11-in, 0.27-in, 0.39-in).
  • To ensure safe use, the food cart holds foodstuff securely in place and protects the fingers.
  • Mandolin comes with a storage box with blade inserts and clippings holders. The storage box protects the blades after use, the claw holder ensures safe and easy work. 
  • In 2015, the Michel Bras Mandole was awarded the "reddot design award", the "German Design Award" and the "Design Plus Award".
  • Dimensions 17-in x 5.11-in x 3.2-in