Plum Automatic One Touch Wine Preservation System


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Plum is the world's first super-automatic wine dispenser for the home bar. This sleek unit serves as a wine preservation system for almost any standard 750ml bottle, a silent refrigerator that chills each varietal to the perfect serving temperature and a virtual sommelier that offers information about the wine you're drinking. Plum even connects with your smartphone to provide more in-depth information about wine and winemaking.

Elevate your Evenings!

You deserve the special bottle - one perfect glass at a time. Plum is the ultimate luxury for wine lovers. Enjoy every single bottle in your collection served by the glass at a touch: perfectly preserved and at the perfect temperature. The automatic wine preserving system comes fully loaded with software that will allow you to know everything about your wine

Winery-grade Technology at Home

Plum uses the same technology used in wineries and winemaking.

  • 416 Stainless Steel tubing delivers wine directly from the needle to your glass
  • Titanium PVD gold needles access the wine directly from the bottle without removing the cork or introducing oxygen, keeping your bottles preserved for up to 90 days.
  • Argon Delivery System preserves over 150 bottles with each reusable canister. Good for the environment, and your wallet.
  • Electronic seals keep the wine securely in your Plum and eliminate drips.
  • Automated cleaning only three times per year keeps Plum running perfectly.


  • Winery-Grade Preservation System - Keeps your bottles perfect for up to 90 days
  • Automatic Reservation - Chills each bottle to the perfect serving temperature for that varietal
  • Virtual Sommelier - Have the World's best wine experts at a touch. Instantly identifies the wine, sets serving temperature, and provides rich context about the region, varietal, vintage and more.
  • One-Touch Dispensing - Serves each glass precisely with an integrated 7" HD touchscreen
  • Any Bottle - Plum works with any two standard 750ml bottles with any closure - even a metal screw cap!
  • Works with red and white wines.  Now you both can enjoy a glass because it will stay perfectly preserved in your PLUM for 90 days!