Wusthof Classic Utility Serrated Knife, 5-in


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Wüsthof Classic series, the original for quality-conscious food is also is designed and manufactured for professionals. Perfectly balanced and without any signs of fatigue, you cut the ingredients for every dish with accurate ease

In 2010 Wusthof introduced PETec (precision Edge Technology). A feature where blade edge is sharped by precision laser technology that makes knife 20% sharper while ensures knife stay sharper longer

Classic is the most extensive series from Wusthof lineup. It includes around 70 different kitchen knives that range from Cook’s Knives, bread knives and meat knives with several blade lengths and shapes as well as specialty knives for cheeses, charcuterie, fruit garnishing, carving, butcher knives and more.


  • Thanks to its fine serrated edge make it suitable for vegetables (e.g. firm tomato skin), fruit or salami in one piece. An integral part of the preparation of breakfast and on the breakfast table itself. Ideally right next to the cheese knife.
  • Blade tempered at 58° Rockwell
  • Double-sharpened blades with 14° angle per side
  • PETec technology that ensures blades are 20% sharper. The perfected edge last twice as longs
  • Ergonomic handle made of Black POM. A polymer resistant to discoloration from most substances found in the kitchen. Handle is seamlessly attached to the blade with three rivets
  • Wusthof trident logotype in red and embedded in the knife handle
  • Entirely made in Solingen, Germany
  • Limited lifetime warranty