Wusthof Epicure Utility Knife, 4.5-in


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Dynamic, modern lines and user-friendly features distinguish the Epicure series, a brilliant knife design from Wusthof crafted for the most discerning home cooks. Wide, subtly curved blades feel extra-stable and beautifully balanced in the hand, with generous knuckle room. Smooth, sculpted handles are the same super-durable wood composite used in high-quality cutting boards.


  • 4.5” utility knife.
  • Ideal for slicing vegetables and small meats mincing vegetables and herbs.
  • Part of the Epicure line.
  • Forged from one piece of steel.
  • Epicurean wood composite handle.
  • Excellent balance.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Ceramic coating for corrosion and scratch resistance.
  • Precision Edge Techonlogy for sharper blade with better edge retention.
  • 14° angle on each side.
  • 8.7” long.