All About Damask Tea Towels

Are you planning to change your hand towels and look for better ones? Damask tea towels can solve your dilemma. Most people prefer using them owing to their superior quality and durability, and you can consider them too. Unsure of what Damask tea towels are? Here are all the details you must know-

History of Damask tea towels

Damask is an ancient weaving technique that originated in China during the Han Dynasty. This technique then spread to different parts of the world through the Silk Route and Damascus and therefore was called Damask. The weaving process involves delicate and intricate weaving of thread that gives these towels a dense texture.

How are Damask tea towels weaved?

The Le Jacquard Francais Damask tea towels are woven by intersecting two threads where the longitudinal thread forms the warp and the transverse thread forms the weft. These threads are intertwined and woven at right angles to give the tea towels their required texture and design. Damask weaving comprises three types of binding- linen binding, twill binding, and satin binding.

Linen binding: Linen binding is the simplest and the most common technique used in Damask tea towels. This binding technique involves passing the warp over and under the weft that offers the items considerable strength and durability.

Twill binding: Twill binding is used for manufacturing sifter towels. The warp passes over two and under only one weft, giving a softer texture due to the fewer intersections between the threads. Thus, these towels have a smoother texture and are incredibly comfortable to use.

Satin binding- The warps pass over four and under one weft in satin bindings. This is the most common binding technique for manufacturing Damask tea towels and produces a glossy texture because of its binding pattern.

Dyeing process

Le Jacquard Francais Damask towels are dyed before the threads are spun and woven. Such a technique helps in combining different colors of yarns and also helps in coordinating different colors that add to the beauty of these towels. Thus, you would find multi-colored Damask tea towels, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your room. Damask tea towels are also woven with considerable focus on the temperature of dyeing and several other factors. Attention to all the intricate details of dyeing helps in increasing the color’s durability on the yarn. Thus, you need not worry about these tea towels becoming shabby after a couple of washes, as damask tea towels use superior quality colors in manufacturing them.

However, one must be careful while washing these tea towels and remember the following-

  1. Using a strong detergent can affect the towel’s color and softness as the threads become rough.
  2. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color to fade.
  3. It would be best to use a moderate detergent and avoid rinsing the tea towels thoroughly. 
  4. A light wash and drip dry method are the most beneficial for such towels.


Damask tea towels are one of the most popular tea towels used globally. They are soft, light, and durable, which makes them cost-effective. Furthermore, people also prefer using them because of their rich heritage and superior weaving method. However, one must also consider several wash care techniques to ensure these towels last long.

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