• #KitchenRecipe Air Fry Chicken Strips

    #KitchenRecipe Air Fry Chicken Strips

    Hello Kitchen Lovers, in these uncertain times in which it is imperative to take care of our health and to #StayatHome, we believe it is important to cook and enjoy hearty meals from the comfort of home.Today we want to share the Air Fry chicken strips, the best comfort food...

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  • #KitchenFacts 10 Curious Coffee Facts.

    #KitchenFacts 10 Curious Coffee Facts.

    At Kitchen Universe, we know there are people who can’t start the day without having a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Well, drinking a cup of coffee every day is not necessarily a bad habit. On the contrary, it’s proven to be healthy, scientist say. Your daily morning coffee provides...

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  • How to serve wine properly

    How to serve wine properly

    Hello Kitchen Lovers, today we are going to talk about wine. Regardless of the type of wine you are drinking – an aged Cabernet Sauvignon, a fruity rosé – you want to taste it to the fullest. There are lots of rituals to serve wines; however, at Laguiole in Aubrac...

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