All About Tamahagane knives

Tamahagane is a type of steel manufactured in Japan. Tamahagane derives its name from two Japanese words- ‘Tama’ meaning around and precious gem and ‘hagane’ meaning steel. Tamahagane is manufactured from iron steel, found in the Shiane region of Japan, and is used to make swords, knives, and other tools and weapons.

Tamahagane knives have been in existence for 600 years from the Japanese Samurai Dynasty. The name Tamahagane was given to the swords made from the best quality steel. These knives have been a popular weapon over the last 600 years and then became popular home-décor items amongst many when the dynasties stopped fighting and killing people. Tamahagane knives were the best quality knives available in Japan and globally, and their blades were rolled repeatedly to reduce their thickness from 20mm to 2 mm.

Distinct features of Tamahagane knives
The following are the most distinct features of Tamahagane knives.
  1. Hard blades- Tamahagane knives are famous for their hard blades. Though these knives have think blades, they were made of durable steel that added to their strength. Thus, these knives were durable. You would be surprised to know the same Tamahagane swords were used by successive generations! Thus, unlike modern-day steel knives, these are highly durable and can last you a lifetime.
  2. Lightweight- Tamahagane knives were designed to be used for different purposes. Thus, they are lightweight and help you maneuver. Since these were used as swords, their lightweight helped the warriors to handle them better.
  3. The angle of the blade- The angle at which the blade is designed determines the sharpness of the knives. Tamahagane knives have a sharper angle at the edge of the knife. Though these differences might not seem relevant at the beginning, you would know once you start using these knives. Thus, because of their sharp angle at the cutting edge, these knives let you cut items more effortlessly.

How much do Tamahagane knives cost?

The cost of Tamahagane knives depends on the type and size of knives you buy. For instance, a typical chef’s knife with an 8-inch blade might cost you around $189. Smaller knives with shorter blades can cost 89 dollars. The amount required to purchase Tamahagane knives also depends on your country. For instance, if you buy these knives outside Japan, the costs are expected to rise due to import duties and other taxes. You can also purchase Tamahagane knives online.

Purposes of Tamahagane knives

Though Tamahagane is a type of steel used to manufacture swords in the pre-historic era, it is now used to manufacture multi-purpose knives. Thus, one can use Tamahagane knives for various purposes depending on its blade types and size. For instance, one can use the chef’s nice for cutting different items, including hard meat. On the other hand, one can use smaller Tamahagane knives for carving and cutting fruits and vegetables quickly. It would be best to use different Tamahagane knives for various purposes as they are designed accordingly. Do not cut hard meat or bones with knives designed to cut fruits and vegetables. This might affect the knife’s blade and cause it to chip.


Tamahagane knives are the best quality knives in Japan, and one can use them for several purposes. These knives not only have great utility but rich history. Hence history stands as a witness to the benefits and efficiency of Tamahagane knives. However, these knives are not too expensive. In fact, they are highly cost-effective as they last long and relieve you of buying new knives every time the previous ones go blunt, saving you a lot of money.

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