#KitchenFacts Know Your Knives

Today, we present to you different types of #knives depending on their use.

Each 3 Claveles knife is designed for a specific use, so much so that they vary in size, the shape of the blade and edge, providing better use for each cutting task you want to perform.


        Shun Sora Bread Knife 9-In



Saw to cut bread or biscuits without tearing. Long and strong blade with a wavy edge. Teeth effortlessly break through the tough crust and cut clean slices thanks to more aggressive top teeth.


  Shun Sora Santoku Knife With Hollow Ground Edge



Multipurpose knife of Asian cuisine, with a wide and very sharp blade, to prepare meat, fish, and vegetables. The honeycomb blade facilitates cutting by creating an air chamber between the blade and the food, preventing it from sticking to the blade. 

Shun Classic Flexible Fillet Knife 7-In



Knife with a long, thin, and flexible blade with a smooth edge. Fillet meat and fish, and get a clean cut.


Shun Classic Steak Knife 5-In



Slim and strong with a serrated blade, which makes it easier to cut fillets and lightly roasted meats.


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