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Delicious festive spritz cookies for your loved ones this Christmas season

Do you enjoy the Christmas food like us? One of the most favorite things is the festive treats on the table. Whether it is gingerbread cookies or a traditional Christmas pudding, there is always a delicious treat to savour for all ages.

We share you the secret. They are so easy to make. No cookie dough chilling necessary. Spritz cookies are buttery, sweet, and they hold their intricate shape when baked. To create the beautiful and intricate shapes for the cookies, we used the De Buyer Le Tube Pressure Pastry Syringe Set. Decorate them in sweet glazed icing, pop a classic maraschino cherry on top, or add some festive sprinkles to suit your Christmas theme. This recipe is not complicated or difficult to make. In fact, these cookies require so little time that they definitely deserves a spot on your holiday cookie platter.





  • Mix all ingredients.
  • Fill the chamber of LE TUBE and adjust it on position 2.
  • Garnish the cookies on an AIRMAT silicone mat or baking sheet.
  • Bake at 220° C for about 15 minutes.



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