Cristel Casteline Multiply Stainless Steel Frying Pan


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Cristel is a French company located on Fesches-le-Chatel, France. Its main activity is the manufacturing and creation of premium cookware and kitchen utensils made in stainless steel. Cristel is today the international leader of the “Cook and Serve” removable concept. Thanks to the detachable handle system, Cristel’s removable collections aim to transform a well planned cooking utensil into an elegant serving dish that keeps heat during meals. Each product is imagined, designed and made in France with the finest quality and materials.


  • The base is made out of 5-ply alloy of stainless steel and aluminum. The heat is simultaneously spread over the whole surface of the base and sides. For gentle, economic cooking with no risk of sticking and protecting all the nutritional qualities of food
  • Multicooking: suitable for all cooking cooktops; can also be placed on the oven (with or without the lid)
  • Simplicity: In one easy gesture the handle goes from the saucepan to the pan, the frying pan and on lids with automatic locking
  • Compact Storage: Parts can be fully nested inside one another thereby saving space and masking easier for dishwasher loading
  • Safety: the removable automatic locking handle ensures dual safety. With no projecting handle the cooking space is made safe meaning there is no risk of children's hands or aprons catching on it
  • Polished Finish
  • Assort handle colors and finishes are available
  • Compatible with: Induction, Halogen, Gas, Ceramic & Electric cooktops
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe until 350°F
  • Made in France
Item Number Diameter Lenght Height Capacity
P20QMP 8-in / 20 cm 10.2-in / 26 cm 1.6-in / 4 cm  1.1 qt. / 0.95 lt
P22QMP 8.5-in / 22 cm 11-in / 28 cm 1.7-in / 4.3 cm 1.4 qt. / 1.3 lt
P24QMP 9.5-in / 24 cm 11.8-in / 30 cm 1.7-in / 4.3 cm 1.6 qt. / 1.5 lt
P26QMP 10-in / 26 cm 12.6-in / 32 cm 1.8-in / 4.6 cm 1.9 qt. / 1.8 lt
P28QMP 11-in / 28 cm 13.4-in / 34 cm 1.8-in /  4.6 cm 2.2 qt. / 2 lt
P30QMP 12-in / 30 cm 14.2-in / 36 cm 2-in /  5 cm 2.7 qt. / 2.6 lt
P32QMP 12.5-in / 32 cm 15-in / 38 cm 2.2-in /  5.6 cm 3.5 qt. / 3.3 lt