Bamix G200 Gastro Pro-2 Light Grey Immersion Hand Blender


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Bamix has been producing for over 60 years durable, powerful and efficient products that will last you a lifetime. From the original ideas of creator Roger Perrinjaquet, to modernized casing and extra tools, Bamix's goal is to provide customers with a multifunctional, Swiss-made kitchen machine.


  • Includes: 3 interchangeable stainless-steel blades and table stand
  • Unique "open head" design around the blades, the bamix draws food into the blades and creates a vortex while mixing.
  • Blends more thoroughly and efficiently than other immersion blenders in less time.
  • Powerful speed. Powered by a Swiss made, 200 watt motor, the G200 delivers unsurpassed power and torque directly to the blade, for 15,000 RPMs of rotational speed.
  • Combined with an open head design, the Gastro Pro-2 can blend over 5 gallons of liquid at once.
  • Made from heat resistant nylon and brass, you can blend even boiling liquids. It can be submerged above the shaft to the seam on the body, for pots up to 11" deep. 
  • Multipurpose. The 3 dimensional design of the multi-purpose blade makes it more versatile than your typical immersion blender.
  • Designed in Switzerland to last a lifetime