Bamix M150 Deluxe Black Immersion Hand Blender


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Bamix has been producing for over 60 years durable, powerful and efficient products that will last you a lifetime. From the original ideas of creator Roger Perrinjaquet, to modernized casing and extra tools, Bamix's goal is to provide customers with a multifunctional, Swiss-made kitchen machine.


  • Includes: 3 interchangeable stainless-steel blades, grinder, and table stand
  • Unique "open head" design around the blades, the bamix draws food into the blades and creates a vortex while mixing. 
  • Blends more thoroughly and efficiently than other immersion blenders in less time.
  • Powerful speed. Powered by a Swiss made, 150 watt motor, the M150 delivers unsurpassed power and torque where it matters most, directly to the blade, for 12,000 RPMs of rotational speed. 
  • The 3 dimensional design of the multi-purpose blade makes it more versatile than your typical immersion blender.
  • Make safe and healthy baby food, freshly ground coffee, or even flavorful protein pancakes with ease.
  • Designed in Switzerland to last a lifetime