JIA Steamer II Large Basket 9.45 In, White


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The steamer basket replaces the traditional bamboo base with terracotta. This natural material has efficient liquid absorbing characteristics, meaning it can absorb any excess moisture generated during steaming, ensuring that the food is perfectly moist.


  • The capacity is upgraded and the satisfaction is doubled. The brand-new 9.45 inches steamer steamer food version, with an enlarged capacity of 3.5 qt., can meet various home-cooked dishes, such as chicken soup, rib soup, stew, etc.
  • The steamer body made of high-quality refractory clay has excellent resistance to temperature changes, breaking the limitation that ordinary ceramics cannot be directly heated.
  • Suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, and the oven temperature does not exceed 200°C.
  • Ergonomic handle and thoughtful design. The curvature and width of the handle of the lid and the handle of the pot body, considering the actual use, can be perfectly mastered by men and women, and can be easily served.