de Buyer Choc Extreme Nonstick Ceramic Round Fry Pan 11 in


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The Choc Extreme round fry pan made with non-stick cast aluminium features a long cast stainless steel handle. Whilst maintaining the tradition of the famous cast iron handles "à la française", de Buyer has updated the looks and improved the ergonomics. The handle makes the pan easy and comfortable to use. The even and controlled cooking process provided by the thick cast aluminium makes it particularly suitable for cooking delicate food, such as certain types of fish. The exceptional non-stick performance of the coating lets you cook with very little fat. Very easy to clean with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge. The fry pan is suitable for any cook top, including induction.


  • Made of cast aluminum coated inside out with ceramic. 
  • Ceramic ply used for manufacturing this line is five times more abrasion-resistant than conventional non-stick pans
  • Suitable for all heat cook tops except induction
  • Dimensions: 11-in Diameter x 1.8-in H
  • Made in France