de Buyer Force Round Blue Chef's Pan Blue Steel, 12.6-in


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Between the curved sauté pan and the "Lyonnaise" profile frying pan, this high-sided pan is ideal for all styles of cooking, including frying, searing, or simmering. It can used to prepare large quantities of ingredients and its high sides reduce the amount of juice spat out when cooking meats. Ideal for sautéed potatoes.


  • Ecological, recyclable, and good for the environment
  • Health: Iron molecules from the pan contribute to good health
  • Allows for high heat which seals quickly keeping vitamins and nutrients in food
  • Cooking qualities: Medium temperature = perfect for SEALING, BROWNING and FRYING
  • Seasoning: the more the pan is used, the better the performance
  • The darker it becomes the better it is for natural nonstick properties
  • Instructions included on how to season the pan
  • The strip steel handle is firmly riveted
  • Extra-strong handles
  • Works on all heat sources; induction will only work at low and medium temperatures
  • Dimensions: 12.4-in Diameter x 3.54-in H (32 x 9) cm
  • Capacity: 5.5-liters
  • Made in France