Dualit Fine Tea 60 pack (6 boxes of 10 capsules)


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Introducing our revolutionary patented lidded tea capsules. Finally, Dualit and Nespresso®* machine owners can enjoy a range of premium tea blends and infusions in the fast, mess-free convenience of a capsule. The exceptional tea blends and infusions are sourced from the finest gardens, supporting Dualit's dedication to quality.
Advanced Patented Capsule Technology - Dualit’s patented ‘pressure drop’ technology reduces the pressure created by Dualit and Nespresso®* machines to a gentle pressure that extracts the finest flavour from the tea leaves in seconds, while the patented microfiltration gives an exceptional taste and unsurpassed clarity. The removeable capsule lid seals in our great tasting, award winning tea.
Perfection in every cup - No need to waste time waiting for a kettle to boil or for your tea to brew. Each blend is developed specifically by tea experts to deliver superior taste in seconds. A consistently delicious cup of tea, brewed to perfection in an instant.
Sustainable packaging - Dualit Fine Tea capsules benefit from a space saving box and no excess capsule packaging. Our clever lid retains tea freshness and its superior taste.
Each flavor is sold in a 10 pack box or a 60 pack (6 boxes of 10 capsules each).

*Nespresso trademark is owned by Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A.


    Exceptionally Luxurious & Smooth
    Hand plucked unique blend from the highlands alongside the East African Rift Valley. Awaken your senses with its bright golden colour, exceptionally luxurious and smooth taste. Made from 100% black tea leaves, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
    Elegant & Refreshing
    The quintessential British premium blend of black tea; a delicately flavoured, distinctive yet aromatic flavour with zesty bergamot. This is a refreshing and elegant tea that can be drunk with or without milk. The perfect blend for an indulgent afternoon tea.We have taken this quintessential tea and redeveloped it for the 21st Century to give it an unbelievable taste. The distinctive qualities of this premium black tea delicately flavoured with aromatic bergamot are enhanced by advanced capsule technology .
    Soothing & Uplifting Infusion
    A classic digestif known for its revitalising benefits and naturally caffeine free. Made from 100% peppermint leaves, this is both soothing and uplifting with unparalleled freshness from every capsule.
    Irresistible Fruit Explosion
    If you like fruit infusions, this takes them to a whole new level. irresistible, velvety infusion bursting with lively fruit flavours. Gentle pressure extracts a mouth-watering explosion of sumptuous blackcurrants, hibiscus, rosehips and blackberry leaves, with a hint of liquorice, which is naturally caffeine free.
    Naturally Pure & Delicious
    High quality, young hand plucked leaves, single origin sourced from tea gardens in Kenya. Experience the remarkable freshness of our Green Tea. This light, smooth, clean-tasting tea is rich in antioxidants. High quality, hand plucked and non-fermented leaves give a superior flavour. Best enjoyed without milk.