Jura Clearyl White Water Filter For Coffee Machines models Z6/Z5, S9OT/S9A/S7A, C9OT


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Genuine Jura water filter, It removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper for a better tasting coffee. Water filter to be used to decalcify Jura or Capresso coffee centers. Specially for models Z6/Z5, S9OT/S9A/S7A, C9OT.


  • Genuine water filter for all Jura-Capresso Z6/Z5, S9A/S7A, F60/F8/F7, J5, E9/E8
  • Reduces water hardness up to 75% percent, as well as removes large percentages of chlorine, lead, copper and aluminum if present in the water
  • 60 liters capacity (2,000 oz) or max. 3 months
  • Made in Switzerland