KitchenAid Pasta Sheet Roller Attachment Set


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Roll homemade pasta dough into thick or thin sheets to create exquisite lasagna noodles or hand-cut into fettuccini. Roller creates 6-inch wide sheets that feed perfectly into our various pasta cutters and ravioli maker. Each piece in our pasta maker set is made of tough, food-grade stainless steel, designed to withstand regular use and it can roll 5.5-inch sheets. With 8 options to choose from, simply adjust the thickness setting.

The Pasta Roller makes authentic, fresh pasta sheets from scratch quickly and easily. Also works with KitchenAid Pasta Cutters (sold separately). 


  • KitchenAid Pasta Sheet Roller Set crafted with durable stainless steel
  • Pasta Roller and Cutter Set attachment greatly expands a stand mixer's flexibility
  • Includes a cleaning brush easy to clean
  • Designed to fit all KitchenAid Mixer models, even older models made prior to 1990
  • Made in Italy