Marcato Pasta Fresca Machine Mixer for Pasta, Bread and Pizza


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Marcato Pasta Fresca is the fast and compact mixer designed for home made pasta.

Pasta Fresca is able to knead breads, pizza and biscuit dough and cuts different pasta shapes included in the pasta attachments provided.

Pasta Fresca is made of food-grade ABS and Polycarbonate. To ensure there are no metal particles, which are harmful to your health, the rollers of the accessories are made of anodized aluminum alloy and the combs and scrapers of polymeric resin.

The ability to mix as though by hand maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients unaltered, giving the recipes a unique taste.


  • Marcato's Pasta Fresca easily mixes, rolls and cuts pasta dough for making 3 fresh pasta shapes at home with a consistent texture, cook time and taste
  • In just 3 minutes, Pasta Fresca kneads 500g of flour with the same result as hand-kneaded: a compact, elastic and smooth dough.
  • Easily make fresh lasagne (150mm), fettuccine (6.5 mm), and tagliolini (1.5mm). Each attachment features 10 thickness adjustments to roll dough evenly (from paper-thin 0.6 to 4.8-millimeter
  • The special movement of the mixer blade is ideal for preparing savory mixtures and to reactivate them after leavening such as Pizza and other bread doughs
  • Pasta Fresca can knead shortbread and sweet dough requiring a longer processing time than savory dough.
  • Pasta Fresca maintenance is simplified thanks to the possibility of fully disassembling all the machine components
  • Pasta Fresca is not dishwasher safe
  • This set Includes Pasta Fresca machine, 3 attachments (lasagna, tagliolini and fettuccine), power cord, recipes, and instructions
  • Made in Italy from food-safe plastic with anodized aluminum rollers; compact, sturdy, and powerful; 170-watts
  • 2-year  manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in Italy