Mauviel M'mini Copper Cocotte w/ Bronze Handles, 13.5-oz


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With this collection, the manufacture Mauviel 1830 goes one step further.

May it be for celebration occasions or a romantic dinner, MINI’s are available in the following combinations: Copper with stainless steel handles, copper with Bronze handles, Stainless steel with stainless steel handles

The minis in copper, are made of 80% stainless steel and 20% copper. Destined for the use in restaurants dining- rooms, and cherished by restaurants owners, they are perfect for the presentation of sauces. The minis are daring and ornate the tables with their unique style: chic and hallmarked by the company from Normandy.


  • "Table Service" copper is designed for elegant service to your guests at the table. Thinner than traditional cookware, it averages 1.6mm thickness, making it lighter and easier to handle. This series also features brass handles, instead of cast iron handles. While brass handles get hotter than cast iron, and usually require the use of a potholder, they provide an elegant appearance for tableside service.
  • Brass handle
  • Lid included
  • Capacity: 0.4 qt
  • Dimensions: 3.5-in diameter x 1.7-in height
  • Made in France
  • Lifetime warranty