Peugeot Oléron Wet Salt Mill with Guérande Wet Sea Salt Cube, Chocolate


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Oléron line features the wide range that includes pepper and salt mills but also speciality mills such as wet salt and chilli pepper mills. Oléron mills feature acrylic body combined with wood top and stainless steel knob.

Product features:

  • Set composed by Oléron wet salt mill and half pound jar of Peugeot wet gray salt from Guérande
  • Body made of acrylic and natural Beechwood
  • Mechanism specifically created to handle the grainy consistency and moisture of wet salt. Wet salt is a coarse granular sea salt often sourced from France and also called gray salt "Sel Gris"
  • Peugeot wet salt mechanism enables a high-performance grind without blockage even with very humid or compressed salt that regular salt mill's mechanism can't handle
  • Patented mechanism is composed by 3 stops ensuring both mechanism resistance and constant output and of anti-clogging spiral which shuffles the salt in the reservoir
  • Suitable for wet salt such as Guérande, Grigio di Cervia, Alcochete
  • Limited lifetime warranty in the mechanism
  • Dimension: 5.5-in (14 cm) tall
  • Made in France