Rosle Genuine Leather Grill and BBQ Apron, Brown


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The Rösle Grill and BBQ real leather apron for the spectacular and safe barbecue event in the color brown are made of the finest antique vintage leather. The rough timeless look of the high-quality split leather, of German highland cattle, the grill master, and chef with style only really come into their own. The characteristic scent of leather and the unique feel brings the professional on the grill or stove the best experience when wearing and a feeling of the highest quality of life. Sewn, riveted, and completely designed and manufactured on the Lower Rhine in Germany, it is a product "Made in Germany" for long-lasting grille use. Neck protection made of genuine leather ensures additional wearing comfort. Of course, the neck strap and the waist or waistband belt is coated with a belt buckle of iron in the old brass look and individually customizable for every grill master. All metallic applications are free of lead and nickel. Health-endangering substances and allergens were completely dispensed with. Two sewn and riveted pockets can be used for barbecue accessories or barbecue accessories. The hip-level side strap offers the option of holding a towel or a knife sheath. Of course, the grill leather apron can also be used as a baking apron, cooking apron, apron and in the catering trade. The leather apron also protects against bright heat from the smoker, charcoal grill, and every kind of gas barbecue. The leather of the BBQ apron protects against flying sparks and fats. The unpredictable and very gentle patina gives the leather aprons surface life and character. The natural oil of the skin, friction with clothing, oxidation, temperature differences, sun, and rain, all of which contribute to the slow change of the leather surface while wearing your apron and makes it mature. Each apron comes in a cotton bag with a corduroy suit.


  • Grill and BBQ Apron made of 100% cow split leather
  • Sewn, riveted, and completely designed and manufactured on the Lower Rhine in Germany
  • Genuine leather offers grilling protection and comfort; two sewn pockets for utensil storage; a side-strap for hanging knife sheath or a towel
  • Neck and waist strap is adjustable for each unique grill master
  • Each apron comes with a cotton storage bag
  • 31.8 x 20 x 0.25 Inches