Tridens 3-Piece Essentials Cutlery Set With Hand Finished Ergonomic Brushed Stainless Steel Fork, 165mm / 6.5-in, Goyon-Chazeau Chef’s Knife, 20cm / 7.9-in & Beechwood Base


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Long are the days gone where you needed to figure out how to hold your fork and how to place yourself on front of it! The Tridens Fork is a French creation, designed and produced in the Nantes region. It is intended to facilitate the carving of meat, which you can immobilize as it should in order to make perfect slices using your knife. Thanks to this form, you can neatly cut your lamb leg, your whole duck breast, a poultry, a roast ... It is made for meat lovers!!


  • Shape of the handle allows you to easily grab your fork without turning your hand everywhere! It is made of high-end 316 L stainless steel, extremely durable and anti-rust. The Tridens Fork is made from stainless steel (foodgrade) partly recycled and 100% recyclable by a process called «by lost wax casting». Stainless steel is heated to very high temperature and poured into a mold reproducing the shape of the future fork. Each piece is then polished by hand, which gives it its uniqueness. It comes with an engrave Tridens logo
  • Fully forged high-end Chef’s knife. Tridens & Goyon-Chazeau cooking knife features a forge blade and a hollow handle for unparalleled balance and cutting quality. The exclusive design of this ergonomic knife fits the palm of the hand, for an efficient and anti-fatigue cut.
  • Razon sharp knife. An everlasting cutting edge, comfortable handle and easy cleaning, the Tridens & Goyon-Chazeau; knife also benefits the Goyon-Chazeau quality. 100% French handcraft production in a workshop in Thiers. Forged hardened blade X50CrMov15 stainless steel (54-56HCR)
  • The presentation box, marked with the Tridens logo and circled with the banner bearing the Tridens charter, is made in France, in French kraft cardboard, recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • The ink used for the printing is vegetable ink, the assembly of the box is carried out in France by an ESAT (workers with disabilities).
  • The Tridens banner is printed using organic inks on paper from sustainably managed forests. The installation of the adhesive tape is ensured by an ESAT
  • Knife Dimensions: 13.4 x 1.6 x 0.8-in / 340x40x20mm; blade length: 7.9-in / 20cm. Fork Dimensions: 4.3 x 6.5 x 1-in / 110 x 165 x 25mm. Beechwood base with engrave Tridens logo has two pockets to place spices. Base Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.9 x 1-in / 150x100x25mm. Fork rest onto two holes premade on the base.
  • Each piece is polished by hand, which gives it its uniqueness.
  • Made in Nantes, France