JIA Steamer Steam Poacher


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The JIA Inc. Steam Poacher enables you to effortlessly explore new and creative culinary ideas. From enticing appetizers and satisfying entrees to specialty desserts you will enjoy the pleasure of steam cooking to the fullest.

Steaming food has always been at the core of Chinese gastronomy. The Steam Poacher, paired with the original JIA Steamer Set, elevating the technique to new heights and offering a range of exciting new culinary possibilities. The JIA Steam Poacher is inspired by the concept of steamer pots from China's Yunnan province, which circulate the steam to distribute the heat more evenly. This method of cooking preserves the natural flavor of the food along with the vitamins and minerals, which are often lost with other forms of cooking.

 Material: Stoneware

**Does NOT include Steamer Set -- ONLY poaching attachment**