Marcato Atlas Capellini Pasta Cutter Attachment


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With Marcato pasta machine you can stretch the dough to a thickness of 0.5mm, thanks to its 10 positions. The other pasta cutters sold separately will enable you to cut the pasta perfectly into the most used shapes.

The Pasta Mixer accessory range includes:

  • lasagne (150mm)
  • fettuccine (6.5mm)
  • tagliolini (1.5mm)
  • spaghetti (2mm)
  • capellini (1mm)
  • trenette (3.5mm)
  • bigoli (3.5mm)
  • lasagnette (10mm)


  • Capellini are a type of pasta with a square diameter of 1 mm.
  • The recommended thickness of the pasta sheet is position 8 or 9 on the adjustment knob of the pasta machine.
  • Made of chrome steel with rollers made of food-grade anodized aluminum alloy and polymeric resin combs so as not to release metal particles onto the dough and guarantee a product that is 100% healthy and genuine.
  • The anodized aluminum rollers feature an imperceptibly rough surface. The pasta comes out porous and binds more easily with the condiments used
  • The accessory hooks onto the machine easily, thanks to the bayonet fitting on the side of the Pasta Mixer. Once assembled it will be perfectly stable
  • Cuts dough evenly for consistent cook time and flavor; fresh pasta can be dried and stored for later use, or cooked and enjoyed immediately
  • Attachment cutter cleans with a cloth and a brush. Cleaning the rollers is also facilitated by the removable combs. The accessories cannot be washed in a dishwasher
  • Made in Italy
  • 10 year warranty