Michel Bras Kitchen Shears


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Michel BRAS “Tools” is a series of kitchen accessories that include kitchen scissors, peelers and a grater. They are created with the same passion and exceptional technique that KAI put at the disposal of the great chef’s ideal to achieve the kitchen knives and cutlery. Combining the ultimate in precision, splendid functionality and comfortable fit in the hand.

  • The micro-serrated blades are robust and can grasp food firmly
  • There are two other parts on the scissors that can be used to cut through bones and to use as a nutcracker. First, the half-moon shaped cavity on the blade is useful to grasp food firmly and cut it through.
  • The cavities are located on both blades so that food can be grasped firmly.
    Next, the nutcracker located between the handles can catch bones and shellfish securely with the thick part of the blade and break them down
  • Dimensions: Total length 9.1-in x 3.3-in width
  • Weight 5.5oz